2019 decorators home show - buffalo, ny

The Decorators Home Show happens every year and is an interior designers dream come true. Presented by the Junior League of Buffalo, one home is chosen to host the event and each room in the house is given to a different designer. Each designer puts their skills on display and transforms the home into a work of art. Every detail is taken into account for both the interior and exterior.

This year the Palmer Centennial House on Lincoln Parkway was the lucky home. Originally built in 1910 by Ulysees G. Orr, this house is an excellent example of Arts & Crafts style architecture. The land that this home sits on was the site of the Pan-American Exposition in 1901 and is a short walk away from Delaware Park.

There are 34 interior and exterior decorated spaces on the property which offers an incredible opportunity for anybody looking for some design inspiration. A staggering total of 111 windows completely flood this home with natural light and highlight the incredible woodwork.

A list of all the decorators and designers can be found here.