E.B. green mayfair lane castle - Holiday feature

Mayfair Lane has always been somewhat of a hidden gem in Buffalo, NY. A street, or community rather, that not many people know about but one that has an incredibly rich history. Designed by world renowned architect E.B. Green, Mayfair Lane was meant to resemble a quaint 17th century English village. With parking being at street level, one must walk up stairs to see the incredibly unique community. The path is lined with 28 English style townhomes and leads to a drawbridge entrance to a castle at the end.

The castle at the end is a masterpiece. Noel Sutton of Sutton Development is the owner of a literal hidden castle in Buffalo’s historic Allentown neighborhood. The Great Room is without a doubt the highlight of this property. Constructed on site in 1928, E.B. Green purchased an 18th century castle in Denmark and had pieces of it shipped to Buffalo which now make up the Great Room. Forty foot vaulted ceilings and a balcony overlooking the room where a choir would historically perform are just a few of the incredible features.

Buffalo Magazine put together and excellent article called “Inside a Castle in Allentown” which can we read if you are looking for more information and history surrounding Mayfair Lane.